BIBE 2024 Special Sessions

BIBE-BPAM'24: 3D Bioprinting Additive Manufacturing

With the rapid development of science and technology, Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology, also known as 3D printing, has penetrated into many fields, and is also a revolutionary technology in the field of biomedical engineering in recent years, and the scope of application has been gradually expanded, from simple biological scaffolding to complex tissue and organ regeneration, from in vitro simulation to in vivo implantation, and has shown great potential for application in the areas of drug screening, toxicology research and disease modeling has also shown great potential for application. Bioadditive manufacturing is gradually becoming a research hotspot in the field of biomedicine, and at the same time provides new solutions for tissue engineering, drug development, personalized medicine and biosensors.
However, despite the great potential of bioadditive manufacturing in theory, it still faces many challenges in practical applications. Issues such as how to select suitable biomaterials to ensure their biocompatibility and functionality, how to precisely control the cell distribution and growth environment during the printing process, and how to achieve a seamless connection between the printed and host tissues need to be studied and explored in depth.
In this context, in order to further promote the research and application in the field of bioadditive manufacturing, a special session on "Bioadditive Manufacturing" will be organized in the 7th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, BIBE2024, and all scholars are welcome to participate in the conference!

BIBE-BPAM' 24 topics include but are not limited to

1. Cell printing and biological tissue engineering
2. Biocompatible polymers, bioactive ceramics, composite biomaterials
3. 4D bioprinting and smart biomaterials
4. bioadditive manufacturing and biocompatibility
5. Clinical applications of bioadditive manufacturing
6. Cross research of bioadditive manufacturing and regenerative medicine
7. Bio-additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence, big data combination of applications
8. Application of bioadditive manufacturing in precision medicine

BIBE-BPAM' 24 organizer/session chair

Professor Yanen Wang-Northwestern Polytechnical University
Professor Yanen Wang was selected as the Leading talent of Scientific and Technological Innovation of Sanqin Talents "Special Support Plan" in 2023, and in 2022, he was selected as the "Scientific and Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talent" of Shaanxi Province. He is the director of the University Enterprise Joint Research Center of Biological Additive Manufacturing in Shaanxi Province, and the leader of the national first-class undergraduate program of mechanical and electronic Engineering.Mainly engaged in research related to bio-ceramic 3D printing, presided over 1 national key R&D program project (as the chief), won the first prize of Science and Technology Invention of the Ministry of Education (ranked first, 2019), the first prize of Shaanxi Academic Degree and Postgraduate Education Association (2023), and the Special Prize of Shaanxi Teaching Achievement (2021). Higher Education (postgraduate) National Teaching Achievement First Prize (2022)