BIBE 2024 Special Sessions

BIBE-PPS' 24: Preoperative Planning and Simulation

With the continuous progress of medical technology, especially the deep integration of computer science and biomedical engineering, the application of preoperative planning and simulation computation in surgery has become more and more widespread. From the initial computer-aided diagnosis to the present-day precision medicine, preoperative planning and simulation calculation has become a key link to improve the success rate of surgery, reduce the risk of surgery, and optimise the patient's treatment outcome. BIBE 2024 aims to promote academic exchanges and cooperation in the field of bioinformatics and biomedical engineering, therefore, a special session on "Preoperative Planning and Simulation" has been set up to focus on the cutting-edge technologies, research results, and future development trends in this field.

BIBE-PPS' 24 topics include but are not limited to

1. Medical image processing and 3D reconstruction
2. Computer-aided preoperative planning and simulation
3. Algorithm research of preoperative planning and simulation calculation
4. Artificial intelligence-based preoperative planning and simulation technology
5. Intraoperative robot-assisted surgery combined with simulation calculation
6. Image analysis techniques, detection segmentation and image alignment
7. Deep Learning Recurrent Neural Networks

BIBE-PPS' 24 Organizer/Session Chair

Prof. Bin Liu, Dalian University of Technology, China
Bin Liu is a Professor with the School of Software, Dalian University of Technology. He received the B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from the Dalian University of Technology, LiaoNing, China, in 2004. He received the M.S. degree in mechanical engineering in 2006 and the Ph.D. degree in biomedical engineering in 2009, both from the Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China. His current research interests include image processing.