BIBE 2024 Reviewer

Reviewer Acknowledgements

Dear reviewers of BIBE 2024,
BIBE 2024 would like to acknowledge you for your generous time and insightful comments on our peer-reviewed articles. Your comments and suggestions will be of great help to the authors in improving the quality of their papers.

----On behalf of BIBE 2024 organizing committee

How to be a reviewer of BIBE 2024

Please send an email to, indicating: your name, affiliation, title, research interest, your latest resume or personal link. The conference organizer will check and contact you via email.

Duties of reviewers

  • Accept or decline the review invitations from BIBE 2024 quickly, based on the manuscript title and abstract.
  • Rate the manuscript in terms of originality, significance, quality of the presentation, scientific soundness, interest to the readers, overall merit.
  • Provide a constructive review report.
  • Suggest alternative reviewers if any.

Benefits for reviewers

  • Reviewers who provide timely and substantial comments will receive a formal Reviewer Certificate from BIBE 2024.
  • BIBE 2024 will publicly acknowledge the reviewers in reviewer list on BIBE 2024 official website.
  • Free access to the conference proceedings (electronic version or CD-ROM version).
  • Enjoy a favorable price for conference registration, details can be found in Registration page.

Each of the following reviewers has reviewed at least one manuscript for the BIBE conference series.

Salar Farhangi
Chuang Ma
Muhammad Bilal Sadiq
Vishwanath Kagawade
Богатов НМ
Zhiming Yao
Meng Zhi
Elena Kostromina
abouda saif
vatsal shah
Ziyu Jia
Harvest Feng
Mengxia Shen
Hanqing Zhao
rosti kost
Ji Tu
Shahjahan Majib
Joul Kassis
Hassan Tawfeeq
Weibei Dou
Zhixiang Jia
Rasha Fadhel
Rui Yang
Wei Tang
Ning Li
Tianxian Zhong
Shuohong Wang
Yan Liu
Ahmed Ameen
Wanqing Wu
Kunpeng Wang
Mingming Ge
Xiaoyu Zhang
Joan Yin
Vitória Pereira
Fuchang Han
shahjahan majib
Giuseppe Barisano
Badeli, Vahid
Ураков Александр
Xiang Li
Xingcheng Yi
Александр Лыков
Saurav Bharadwaj
Cui Jian
Zhenge Jia
Jiahao Du
Nan Wu
Виктор Фёдоров
Hugo Santalla García
Pablo Nava Jaimes
Jinchao Li
Yongqiang Cheng
Andjela Milojevic Samanovic
Kevin HUNG King Fai
Xiulin Wang
Stuart Evans