Conference Introduction

The 2016 International Conference on Biological Information and Biomedical Engineering will be held during September 24-26, 2016 in Qingdao, China. BIBE2016 will gather the scholars and researchers from all over the world in the field of Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, to exchange their research results and discuss the new development together.
All papers accepted by BIBE will be published in a journal which is indexed by SCI. We are sincerely looking forward to your participation.

We are sorry to inform you the BIBE2016 was canceled due to limited participants. But the progress of publication for accepted papers would be going on as scheduled.
Reviewing Results Announcement
List of Rejected Papers:
BIBE1914 BIBE4438 BIBE3708 BIBE3511 BIBE3591 BIBE6249 BIBE1133 BIBE4214 BIBE5036 BIBE0171 BIBE5684 BIBE5704 BIBE4997 BIBE1299 BIBE0253 BIBE5069 BIBE8702 BIBE3301 BIBE8183 BIBE8458 BIBE2030 BIBE3356 BIBE0005 BIBE2286 BIBE7547 BIBE7335 BIBE8229 BIBE5608 BIBE6856 BIBE2358 BIBE8670 BIBE4758 BIBE4518 BIBE0266 BIBE3817 BIBE8745 BIBE3580 BIBE5741 BIBE4468 BIBE0824 BIBE3218 BIBE1452 BIBE3776 BIBE7594 BIBE1793 BIBE0743 BIBE1814 BIBE8684 BIBE3818 BIBE9147 BIBE0685 BIBE5460 BIBE6755 BIBE7749 BIBE1351 BIBE1615 BIBE5032 BIBE8806 BIBE0479 BIBE2697 BIBE7423 BIBE2072 BIBE3079 BIBE5679 BIBE8117 BIBE7544 BIBE9824 BIBE0342
List of Accepted Papers after Pre-reviewing:
BIBE4870 BIBE3367 BIBE4961 BIBE8549 BIBE1740 BIBE1374 BIBE7710 BIBE5558 BIBE1895 BIBE3858 BIBE2628 BIBE5513 BIBE8300 BIBE6705 BIBE8225 BIBE9769 BIBE0702 BIBE8336 BIBE0733 BIBE3463 BIBE1373 BIBE8943 BIBE4494 BIBE5013 BIBE7477 BIBE1947 BIBE6382 BIBE0440 BIBE9670 BIBE4887 BIBE7934 BIBE8075 BIBE6456 BIBE4751 BIBE0065 BIBE0179 BIBE2698 BIBE8366 BIBE5053 BIBE6622 BIBE8167 BIBE0614 BIBE2291 BIBE6417 BIBE8839 BIBE3036 BIBE8964 BIBE6527 BIBE3550 BIBE5587 BIBE0508 BIBE6921 BIBE6008 BIBE4322 BIBE8269 BIBE0369 BIBE0816 BIBE1067 BIBE6490 BIBE7887 BIBE7088 BIBE0666 BIBE2873 BIBE5489 BIBE6203 BIBE0285 BIBE6855 BIBE3699 BIBE7816 BIBE6700 BIBE7189 BIBE0926 BIBE7454 BIBE5960 BIBE6818 BIBE5092 BIBE8833
List of Papers Waiting for Modification
BIBE8408 BIBE8519 BIBE0386 BIBE6500 BIBE6557 BIBE2263 BIBE4553 BIBE7998 BIBE2489 BIBE1748 BIBE5913 BIBE4380
The paper not mentioned above is pending with results.
Important Dates
Paper submission due:
August 10, 2016
Conference Date:
September 24-26, 2016

Contact Us
Tel: +86-15927125823
QQ: 1803523246
Call for paper
The topic of the paper submitted to this conference is including but not limited to:
Biomedical Engineering
Medical sensor
Digital signal processing
Medical image processing
Principle of medical instrument
Medical imaging instrument
Medical Electronics
Medical nanotechnology
Biomedical materials
Biological pharmacy
Cell therapy technology
Individualized treatment
Biological Information
Proteomics, proteomics
DNA sequence analysis
Protein encoding
Protein space structure simulation
Molecular biology
Genetic information
Genetic engineering
Gene expression
Protein alignment
Gene recognition analysis
Molecular evolution
Sequence overlap group assembly
Gene drugs
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